Empowerment. Culture.
Human Resources.

Gannon Advisory provides credible support to businesses, decision makers and project managers worldwide. We see bold projects as inspiration that our experience and expertise can help launch, develop and grow. Leveraging off a lifetime of connectivity, business generation, mentoring and communication, Patricia Gannon easily embeds herself within a team and takes the best out of it whilst motivating everyone involved.


Work with clients means that they better understand their true and authentic culture, the culture they wish their business to embrace and ensure the employees own and represent. By using a combination of workshops and communication tools, we ensure that what the organization represents externally is true to the culture it has developed internally.


I work with minority groups and women in particular so that they better understand who they are as individuals and what they can achieve personally and within an organisation. This is by using a mixed coaching and mentoring approach designed to develop and enhance leadership skills and contribute more to top management.


The work that I do supports long term projects which have a positive impact on the resources around us, be that human, material or financial. Clients are mindful of the resources utilized to achieve their targets and developing a long term plan to minimize waste and energy.


Connectivity and Collaboration are core values at Gannon Advisory. We connect many ideas in a unique way and work with different teams and businesses to facilitate cross fertilization of ideas and products so that the outcome is more powerful and effective. Some of our projects are particularly designed to allow this seemingly random connection to emerge.


We work with clients, either individual or corporate to identify actionable strategies for both personal and corporate growth. This is done by developing a roadmap together towards execution of strategies. The next step is implementation and ultimately growth.